Luxury Chocolate

Lavender Organic Milk Chocolate

Is there a plant more calming than Lavender? Used in aromatherapy for hundreds of years it has a blissfully soothing effect on our state f mind. When combined with organic milk chocolate it transforms it into a dream like snack worth of the gods themselves. Perfect for those who like subtle floral flavour. 
Gluten Free

Honey Milk Chocolate

Organic 37% milk chocolate with real honey for those who like their chocolate honeyed and luxurious. So sweet, rich and adorable. 
Gluten Free

Artisan Roast Expresso Dark Chocolate

Artisan Roast Espresso bar is an uplifting combination of organic chocolate and locally roasted coffee. Working with Edinburgh based roaster we choose the best seasonal coffee beans and create beautiful flavour profiles. Nuts, blood orange and caramels are amongst the few notes that you might discover in this energising piece of chocolate. 
Vegan. Gluten Free

Caramel, Hazelnut And Isle Of Skye Sea Salt Milk Chocolate

Caramel is mixed in with Coco’s organic 37% milk chocolate for the ultimate pleasing indulgence. We use flakes of sea salt gathered I pure waters around the isle of Sky to give the sweetness something to stand against the flourish. For perfection a handful of chopped toasted Hazelnuts provide a desirable crunch. 
Gluten Free

Gin & Tonic Organic Dark Chocolate

Great Taste Award Star winner the Gin and Tonic chocolate bar is truly a unique flavour that will make your friends chat for weeks after trying it. It’s organic beautifully hand tempered with aromatic lemon and limes that give it its subtle and refreshing taste. Single origin dark chocolate carries you through it’s glorious flavours until the juniper berry oil reveals itself as a finishing sharp touch on your palate just before reaching for another bite. 
Vegan. Gluten Free.

Date & Ginger Organic Dark Chocolate

Spicy and sweet dark chocolate bar infused with ginger oil and chopped dates. 
Vegan. Gluten Free

Haggis Spice Organic Dark Chocolate

Vegan, organic and deliciously spicy bar hand made in the heart of Scotland using a single org in chocolate from Dominican Republic with warming flavours of cloves and nutmeg it gives you a modern reflection on Haggis. Slightly savoury finish makes it a rare treat for a true chocolate adventurer. 
Vegan. Gluten Free

Raspberry & Vanilla Bean Organic White Chocolate

Organic 100% cocoa butter white chocolate with flavoursome freeze dried raspberries and delicious vanilla bean. Sweet and creamy chocolate for everyone who likes high quality delights. 
Gluten Free

Hazelnut And Isle Of Skye Sea Salt Organic Dark Chocolate

Mixed are just a few simple ingredients to offer you this mouthwatering bar. It is a combination of 64% dark and creamy chocolate with crisp, toasted chopped hazelnuts and flake soft sea salt gathered around the pristine waters of the Isle of Skye

Luxury Chocolate Bars

Coco is an Artisan Chocolatier based in Edinburgh that specialises in making ethically traded, organic and most importantly delicious chocolate. Established in 2004 this award winning range is irresistible. The flavours are well balanced with lovely textures and beautiful cocoa richness. The organic chocolate is hand crafted and hand wrapped. Most of the products are gluten free and suitable for vegans, so nobody needs to be left out.

Plain Drinking Chocolate

Coco’s plain drinking chocolate is mixed with valrhona cocoa powder for a delicious cacao depth. This 70% dark hot chocolate is rich and versatile. It can be made with dairy or your favourite plant milk for a vegan option. You may wish to flavour each cup with a pinch of your favourite spices or simply enjoying it as it comes. 
Vegan. Gluten Free

Isle Of Skye Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate

Coco’s delicious milk drinking chocolate mixed with sweet caramel and valrhona coca powder, infused with a pinch of superb Isle of Skye Sea Salt. A brilliant combination of milk chocolate, caramel and salt for true connoisseurs only. 
Gluten Free

Chocolate buttons

We stock the coco range of milk, dark and white buttons.